Venue Hire

For venue hire information please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 9345 4320.

Dress Code Policy

Smart casual attire would suite group classes and private lessons.  Shoes that work best are those that are able to slide on the floor. Avoid rubber soled shoes (runners, gym shoes, thongs). These make turning, sliding and general movement difficult.

Ladies, most types of dress shoes are suitable for social dancing. Its important to wear something you feel comfortable. Sandals, boots, court shoes are all suitable options.

Avoid wearing overly strappy shoes that provide little support. Platforms are extremely dangerous for dancing. Avoid slingbacks and mules, any type of shoe that does not cling to your foot whilst dancing.

CHILDREN: Latin & Ballroom – Neat and casual dress, jeans, skirt, blouse for girls.Trousers, jeans and shirt or T-shirt for boys.

 Boys shoes:  Closed in shoe.  No slippery soles, sandles or thongs.
 Girls shoes:  Closed in shoe.  Dancing shoes if possible.  Low heel, no slippery sole.

Club Policies

Children:  All students are to behave and listen to the instructor or coach.

Cancellation Notice:   24 hour cancellation notice is required.